Information about a mosque

Information about a mosque, The mosque in islamic religion house of prayer in islam a mosque is symbolically very important to muslims, and is a humble way for man to recreate pure divine.

Islam facts: did you know that islam is the second-largest and the fastest-growing religion in the world. General information about how to visit blue mosque or how to wear in blue mosque. The purpose of mosque in islam this website is for people of various faiths who seek to understand islam and muslims it contains a lot of brief, yet informative. Faisal mosque - the faisal mosque is the largest mosque in pakistan and is located in the national capital city of islamabad faisal mosque is conceived as the.  · here are some fast and impressive facts for you the sheikh zayed grand mosque fast and impressive facts about the sheikh zayed grand mosque. Mosque definition, a muslim temple or place of public worship see more.

The umayyad mosque, also known as the great mosque of damascus (arabic: جامع بني أمية الكبير‎) or formerly the basilica of saint john the baptist. 10 facts about islamic muslim religion & more information on islam religion online here you get an outstanding islam religious guidance along with islamic religion. The mosque-cathedral of cordoba is the most important monument of all the western islamic world, and one of the most amazing in the world. Imam mosque (masjid-e jam 'e abbasi), also called masjid-e shah (royal mosque) before the victory of islamic revolution, is one of the finest and the most stunning.

Define mosque: a building used for public worship by muslims. Database of masjids, mosques and islamic centers in the us the database below contains information on all the masjids, mosques and islamic centers we. Your online resource for accurate and unbiased information about islam religion and muslims, providing true facts about islam, free e-books and mosque tours.

Mosque: mosque, any house or open area of prayer in islam the arabic word masjid means “a place of prostration” to god, and the same word is used in persian. You will get even more interested in seeing this wondrous architecture after you learn specifics about it blue mosque is waiting for you.  · read cnn's islam fast facts and learn more about islam, the religion of muslims, who believe in allah and his prophet muhammad.

  • Q: what are the facts about the proposed cultural center and mosque near new york’s former world trade center a: we answer questions we’ve been asked most often.
  • View pictures and read information about the kaaba and al-masjid al-haram (the holy mosque) in mecca.

Discover the blue mosque in istanbul turkey view blue mosque tips, photos, location, history and information learn more. A mosque is a place where muslims worship the word mosque comes from the arabic word masjid a mosque may be small, and privately owned a larger, 'collective.

Information about a mosque
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